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Staging Project for a New Build: Regent Drive

At HomeStyled, we are a boutique staging and design firm. We truly believe every space offers a unique opportunity to craft an environment that is unexpected, inspired, and inviting.


We believe your home and office should both energize and comfort you, and our mission is to help you define what that is. Whether reworking what is there to maximize the potential, or wiping the canvas clean and preparing for a full renovation, we are ready to give you a space you truly love.

We revel at the opportunity to help you articulate your design goals and bring them to reality. Bold concepts, funky elements and expert craftsmanship make HomeStyled spaces entirely bespoke to you.

If you are stuck in your current design or don't even know where to begin, our interior design and staging services will provide clarity and invigorate your space. Contact us at our Nashville Design Studio today to get your project started.

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Constantly inspired by the vibrancy and history of Nashville, I take immense pride in designing spaces that exemplify that. Color, texture, and statement making pieces are my signature. I can't wait to hear about your project.


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