HomeStyled is a boutique interior design and home staging studio in Nashville, Tennessee. We've cultivated a collaborative design team to expertly and efficiently bring spaces to life through color, texture and unexpected elements. We balance our bold design choices with our strategic and professional design process.


Adaptability and diversity fuels us. We are comfortable working with any style or locality, whether it’s the vibrancy of East Nashville, old or new neighborhoods of the Nashville ‘burbs, and the bustling downtown scene. We believe every space has an opportunity to be awesome and we want to help you bring home good style. Don't live in the Nashville area? No problem, we also offer e-design services!


Marcie Anderson - Owner + Lead Designer 

Originally from Louisiana, Marcie graduated with a degree in Architecture from Louisiana State University. After graduation, she pursued her passion for construction and joined a local Nashville architecture firm, where she worked for seven years.  In 2010, she began work as a staging consultant. She has worked with numerous homeowners getting their homes ready to sell, offering advice on furniture placement, paint colors, and necessary repairs. Marcie has worked on both sides of the real estate front, as both buyer and seller. She has completed four personal property flips.

Cayla - Staging 

Our very own Nashville native, Cayla graduated from the O'More College of design. Her industry upbringing is in the residential, healthcare and hospitality realms of design. Using her design expertise, you will find Cayla staging residential and commercial spaces as a HomeStyled Nashville team member. When she is not staging you can find her in her happy places - the beach and Tennessee football games! 

Cassie - Interior Design + Staging 

Moving all over the Midwest was the hallmark of Cassie’s young life. After being immersed in commercial design in Ohio, she decided to trade in the architecture firm life and pursue her love of residential interiors as a HomeStyled Nashville team member. You will find Cassie designing commercial and residential spaces for us, with an occasional staging job thrown in the mix. When she is not designing you can find her doing her favorite thing - having kitchen dance parties with her family!

Becky - Interior Design + Staging 

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Becky lived in a house her parent’s built. After almost 10 years of design in Wisconsin she was ready for a change of pace, and found herself in Nashville, TN. Here she continues to flex her design muscles through residential and commercial interior projects and staging jobs as a HomeStyled Nashville team member. When she is not staging or designing for us, you can find her doing her favorite thing – cooking!